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Russian MBA student's perspective on Asian #1 Business-school. (#1 in Asia, #11 in the global MBA ranking 2015, Financial Times)

  • What has a Chinese MBA program given you that a program in Europe could not?

MBA in AsiaEurope’s current crises, with economies such as Spain and Italy near bankruptcy, made me think twice about doing an MBA in Europe. The fast-paced development of China and Asia makes this the perfect place to learn firsthand about how to do business in the new economy, as opposed to the old economy.

Although by no means cheap, top Asian b-schools such as CEIBS offer a top-tier education with first league professors from all over the world, but at a fraction of the price of other more expensive European and U.S. programs. The availability of many scholarships at CEIBS for western students is also a big plus.

  • How does your MBA add value to your employer?

China and Asia are quickly becoming principal markets for many European multinationals. Having an MBA from a school like CEIBS, ensures that I have the knowledge of how to do business in this part of the world, as well as the right network to do it efficiently. In addition, the CEIBS «seal» guarantees a certain level of quality and trust among our graduates that many European companies desire for their senior talent.

  • How would you rate your alumni network in the region you work in, and has it benefited you personally?

I am only in my first year of the MBA program so I haven’t used the network yet to its potential. Nevertheless, the caliber of the alumni in China and also abroad is quite impressive. I am currently doing the Mentorship Program at the school and being coached by a European alumni who works as a VP for a well-known multinational company. So far he has giving me some very valuable help and insights.

  • Did you learn any additional languages while at CEIBS, and does your employer utilize your ability to speak a different language?

I am currently taking the free optional Mandarin lessons that the school is offering — it is not an easy language. Having Mandarin on my CV when I graduate I am sure will be very useful and a clear differentiation point for employers as it is spoken by over 1.3 billion people!

  • In your current role, are you involved in international work or work relevant to China? If so, does your knowledge of China and Asia benefit you?

I’m the co-owner of a chemical distribution company back home (Laurus, ltd., We buy products not only from European suppliers but from Asia as well. I’d say that understanding of local culture is critical, but I think it will still take some time to really know the local norms in this area of the world.

  • In which other ways does an MBA from a Chinese business school benefit you working in Europe?

MBA in AsiaTraditionally China has been seen as the factory of the world, now it is actually a hub for where new trends and new products are launched by many multinational companies. In addition, China is quickly becoming a global leader in e-commerce with giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu. Keeping up with the pace here will ironically set me ahead of many of the trends in Europe as well as make me the perfect bridge for European companies who want to partner with, buy, or sell globally, and into Asia in particular.

  • Do you think you have an advantage over MBA graduates from European business schools?

It depends on the company and the function, but in many cases I think it shows that I have the resilience and insight to live and learn in the world’s most significant emerging economy in a culture so different than my own, and create the vital network and contacts to help facilitate business done in this important region. The fact that CEIBS is a Top-20 program and global in every aspect (#11 global MBA and #1 in Asia, Financial Times global MBA ranking 2015), yet focuses on business in China and Asia, is like shooting two birds with one stone.

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Ivan VOSTRIKOV, 28.05.2015

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